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Natalia Cosgrove

SuperStar Consultant


My Story

I discovered Scentsy after watching a couple of my Facebook friends begin their own journeys. I borrowed a basket and fell in love immediately with the products, the scents and the vibe! I was already part of direct sales with another company so understood the ins and outs of how Scentsy worked.
In February 2018 I saw a half-price joining deal and decided I couldn't let an opportunity that good slip through my fingers. At the time I was only really interested in the massive savings I was receiving from the joining kit, but in no time I realised how wonderful Scentsy was and how fun it was being part of the team.
Since joining I've had incredible support and encouragement from my upline and a fabulous wider team, grown a team of over 90, and hit Director. I fall in love with Scentsy every single month with an unbelievable range of products, amazing offers, and fantastic incentives available.

My Favourite Scents